Our products deliver turnkey smart building solutions and are designed for buildings at every stage of development, from pre-construction to long term operating properties

ETS supports all products with 24/7 smart building primary care Energy Concierge Service

At ETS, we implement smart building technologies to improve operations and reduce energy expenditures for our owners.
We have a passion for analyzing data extracted from our smart IoT devices in real-time, and turning that data into savings through behavior modification assisted by our mobile dashboards and apps. Our products and services enable property owners to not only achieve committed goals to invest in Distributive Energy Resources and attain Sustainability targets, but achieve higher goals every year.
We have assembled a leading  team of technologists, engineers, data scientists, and energy market experts who analyze buildings holistically, delivering tailor-made comprehensive solutions. Through continuous data flow of over 100 large multifamily and mixed use buildings, we appreciate that every building has a unique data signature.  Modifying these signatures through our guided behavior modification enables clients to reduce energy expenditures on a daily basis. In addition, understanding a building’s unique data signature empowers clients to select right-sized innovative technology implementation to further reduce consumption and costs while simplifying building operations.

Smart Kit

ETS installs and monitors real time interval meters, sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and an evolving assortment of IoT smart devices, creating transparency of building operations and generating a unique energy and systems utilization signature for each property. The Smart Kit empowers onsite property management to make data-driven, money saving decisions in real-time through continuous training and algorithmic protocols delivered on our customized open source ETS mobile dashboard and apps. ETS provides 24/7 Energy Concierge Services and on-site training directing each operating step. We continuously monitor all deployed IoT devices, enhancing equipment fault detection and preventative maintenance capabilities.

Real Time Energy Management

The Smart Kit enables real time energy management, as live data streams into our client’s dynamic dashboard web portals and mobile applications. These live mobile applications empower onsite building operations management to continuously monitor and reduce each building’s unique peak demand profile throughout the day.  Our open source mobile software applications provide real time alerts, push notifications, and building specific concierge demand management protocols. Importantly, our programs provide executive level management the tools to chart and analyze historical usage and peak demand benchmarks.

Smart Building Capital Projects

ETS provides turnkey capital project solutions, project management, and continuous primary care engineering services to deliver comprehensive energy savings and smart building capacities. We use each building’s unique energy and operational  data signature to select right-sized innovative capital projects, including lighting, battery storage, cogeneration (CHP), on-site wind / solar, building wide wireless connectivity solutions, and other equipment upgrades. These technologies generate meaningfully accretive returns, and enable property owners to achieve sustainability, resiliency, and load reduction objectives.

Smart Building Engineering Services


Our smart building engineers have developed full service CHP load optimization and performance tools that provide building management the capability to maximize the full benefits dispatching their CHP assets and predictive/preventative maintenance protocols to proactively mitigate potential costs operating the CHP units.

Distributive Energy Resources

Our software analytics capacities provide tools to optimize other distributive energy technologies such as battery energy storage, EV charging stations, and solar/wind renewable resources – all with the objectives to reduce energy costs, increase achievable sustainability targets, and increase resiliency of multifamily and commercial properties installing microgrid energy resources.

Energy Purchasing Advisory

ETS secures the lowest commodity, transmission, and tariff delivery costs for our clients. We negotiate and contract optimal commodity supply and tariff distribution rates structures and covenants  dictated by each property’s unique data signature and mechanical equipment utilization profile. Our commodity and engineering specialists ensure power and gas procurement contracts and rate structures maximize the value of installed Distributive Energy Resources – CHP, Battery Storage, and Solar. ETS also enrolls and trains clients in demand response programs and manages property performance. All payments and benefits from these programs flow directly to our clients.

Pre-Development Services

ETS Pre-Development Service provides feasibility analytics and recommendations to reduce base electric and heating load, mitigate impact of utility price exposure and minimize energy operating cost upon completion of construction. Our services start with item-by-item feasibility and continue through specification (in concert with architects and engineers), bidding, installation and commissioning of each integrated technology. Our engineering specialists work hand in hand with Owner Development Teams and optimize MEP plans resulting in lower construction costs and increased NOI and NAV. Our Pre-Development services additionally provide owners guidance and project management oversight on building wide Wi-Fi connectivity solutions.

Benchmarking Sustainability

ETS benchmarks sustainability targets and trains staff to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy and water conservation. ETS Concierge streamlines utility data collection and improves data reporting capacities delivering accurate and timely data to Energy Star, Greenprint, and Local Law agencies and publications.

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